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would combine these two modes of treatment. The experiment may
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of chronic vesceral involvement I have been able to
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yellow an eruption of an herpetic character appeared over the
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many months before the horse thus disabled will again be
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pallida and Spirochceta pertenuis threw but little light on
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ditch digging and making dams. Plainly the canal was the thing.
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case itself was interesting as showing how long brain
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students visiting Great Britain in the latter half of the eighteenth century
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darting down the course of the ureter and into the right testicle.
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twice after some laxative had been given once after
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found the child with a temperature of F. a pulse of
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same season. Usually there is not the same general depression there is
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What is more frequent than for an athletic young man earning
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seem that the law there was very satisfactorily carried
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ed in the Gazette Medicale de Strasbourg by Sir. Leroy
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lateral curvature and an exaggerated anterior curve.
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notification in case of sickness on the farm or among
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this perversions of sensation and trophic skin changes are rec
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and mystic spiritualism is mingled the marvellous plays a
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directions there was no evidence that it would ultimately be possible to
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reader to perceive at a glance the character and variety
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short and its three pair of legs are thick and short.
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opened in both the vaginal and sacral operations and in
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he could not show a greater variety of dermatoses because
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evolution of heat Occasionally used as a caustic. For internal adminis
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The remarkable discovery has recently been made that this and other
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adopted in such cases is to bring the jJatient under the
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theria bacillus on slate wood and paper and he told
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gether. And hence a perfon of curiolity will probably be enabled to
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bipolar bacteria can be proved only by test inoculations especially with material
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It appeared to pass directly upwards almost in con
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peated immersions in the cold liatli life was protracted
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tighten it as labor advances. After the membranes have ruptured and the
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variably by coma. Dr. Mackinnon does not allude to the state of
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