Kales are apparently afflicted more than females tramnatism

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and while the eruptions very frequently portend a prompt and

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paper but the geological data have not yet been worked out enough

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organs such as the liver spleen and stomach wall but an

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forms. The subsidies of travelling impostors and of patent medi

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under the microscope after the mixture had been exposed to cold. The

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be considered of moment to the general practitioner

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infectious and terminal diseases all of these are or

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gust. The subject is so important and the opinions of so

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time he was entirely devoted to artistic pursuits which he had

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gave rise to cerebral abscess whereas disease of the external meatus threat

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justifiable to regard them as having any etiological

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clinical symptoms. We must renounce the tenet that gallstones in the great

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sequence that her skin was badly seared and her hair

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the Poor. The list must contain the names of not less

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fistula of the right fibula that had existed for at

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is now scheduled as a poison under the Pharmacy Acts so that the

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Obturator artery. In four instances this artery had an

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Case I. Joseph Bily aged thirty one years native of

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female defective delinquents or for female drug ad

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and besides renal oedema does not behave hke cardiac oedema. Can the

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the lung may help greatly toward reaching a correct conclusion even

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Brown Sequard in which it was seen that certain involun

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the footrest from day to day the pressure point on tfic

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Three forms of pediculi are parasitic in man the pediculus capitis the

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the recent studies of the local reactions to tuberculin.

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murmurs O Ferrall s paper deserves notice. A curiosity in

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sidered thoroughly efficient both as a disinfectant and anti

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drink on that account. During the morning about two


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