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diverticula of the large intestine occur at the attachment

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be preserved in air tight jars or made fresh. Any medicaments save acids

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intravenous. The experiment on the first cow lasted from

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cholera has its origin nor to investigate the pathology or treatment of

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The organisms may be stained by Gram s method or cultivated on gelatine

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heating mineral coal in retorts. It is a complex chemi

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tion was contraindicated because the patient was dying

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of Harvey s lectures that it was a passage of Aristotle

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they may deem advisable so as to establish a School of Medi

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extract after each evacuation said to be sure. Horn verratrum alba

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concerned in the tasting of food. In investigating these possibilities

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tolerated by the weakest persons. Gazette des Hospitanx.

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production of this serum and the meningococcus. The

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outside of such ports he is debarred by said treaty.

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por of ether or of alcohol produces the same effects in

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belief during a great epidemic in Edinburgh by proving the

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on palpation and on percussion a tympanitic note was detected. The right

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On the other hand complications are exceedingly frequent and the

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a primary amputation was very easily settled and the

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