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blood accumulations under the skin and mucosae or in the

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into the proximal part of this nerve and becoming completely

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The results are very different when dust is inhaled

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nitric acid and after the separation of the slougli

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favourable to an unfavourable constitution of disease that

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ever inclined to believe that the profuse sweats arise from relaxation of

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a small clot of blood which prevents the blood from

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under years of age who were natives of the locality.

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It is interesting to consider the effect of this injury

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teresting and valuable facts concerning tuberculosis.

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satisfactorily surgically and the patients remained well

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most cases recovering in three or four weeks some sooner tee case only

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The patient sits straining at stool without relief passing only small

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March of the present year the teats of several of the

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Medical treatment on Sippey s lines is not to be decried.

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For this it is put into large vats and covered with

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diarrhea and a severe depression of the nervous system.

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eral resistance. After opei ation both pressures fell

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to the mother and child and others condemning it. He

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advisability of grafting in cretinism might have been

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on the contrary they run into each other and sometimes occur

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gether. And hence a perfon of curiolity will probably be enabled to

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The following table gives particulars of the cases of twin

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some of these references will be repeated in my own

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Dr. Boyer resident surgeon of the Maison ds Sainte infancs

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bread made of properly ground whole meal flour will not

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find the special attitudes of the face and trunk which characterize paralysis

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pendent of the patent. The process is too technical to repeat here but

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show evidences of prolonged stasis and degeneration. For

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or depending upon a tendency to gout. About the beginning or middle

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having the most favourable construction put on their conduct

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An incision was therefore made and a mass of the growth which

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cells in that they possess two axones giving the ap and are divisions of Telecast Canada Inc.

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