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nell of Orchard Street Portman Square who was likewise in
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condition of fil rotic disease the heart was hyi ertrophied to the weight
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ever come across. All cases of nervous or mental dis
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and the cord dusted with some antiseptic powder. Spong
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when used as a lotion than when used as a powder.. That
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sion and ectropium of torn edges endometritis tenderness and fulness
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until it adheres snugly. The redundant plaster is then re
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ble atmosphere are influences but are not the principal
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present a convenient and rapid application of a well
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morning we all know which way the wind blows at Aberdeen
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paroxysms pain vertigo and insomnia. Cured in thirty five days
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must look to overcome this condition. Hence the far greater benefit
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posus. Except in sympathetic ophthalmia the iris does
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pointed out and urged into morbid activity but in that very weak
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the patient recovered. The practical lesson to be de
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says Dr. Courbassier in localities where hooping cough
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proportion of the cases it has long been known that the
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during his term of office. These reports have since formed a
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character may be inferred from the fact that extensive bony
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inured to the change abstain from exercise yet it is hardly legitimate to
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symptoms of mother medicine and he acts thus in the
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from a woman a patient of his who had laboured under
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owe should not a simikr effect be produced bv the quantitv that
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Ontario George Hilton. Department of Agriculture Ottawa
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patient under the influence of chloroform at once. When
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water five per cent. The sore was touched with pure and are divisions of Telecast Canada Inc.

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