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a roller and placing his fingers over the femoral artery

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upon a negative factor resulting upon the absence of suitable receptors

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mifls of fome years ago and particularly thofe who had

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on the interior surface of the lung between the two lobes there was

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tion of movement of cells in human pathological processes is only

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Pro oals. Arrhythmia does not endanger life when it is

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The Chironomus is a ver small insect which lives in shady

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of the divided extremities. As soon as all haemorrhage

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Gordon A. anatomical proof of the Hvpopaiathyreosis

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parietal peritoneum. A large tube was inserted. This

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Anatomical Changes. The blood serum appears more or

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man by causing blastophthoria or deterioration of the

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tion. rapi lt l respiration salivation and death in

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