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face on section it presented a yellow and red granular

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A few days after his admission to the Home I aspirated

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uniform substance associated with the proteid materials con

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The results are very different when dust is inhaled

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the crop of acre of this plant over gallons of per cent alcohol

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sulphate of atropia two grains to an ounce of water

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heen given to the operation of cutting the iris thus mak

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portance lies in its relation to the estimation of diastolic

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dents. Everybody for example shoidd know what to do to

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extirpation has been successfully accomplished in the fowl it has been

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of acute rheumatism so called that is inflanmiation

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ought to examine the little patient carefully to see

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ignore the results of experience gained in actual practice in combating

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bands on tlie sternum or sides.. As regards the whole

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deviations from the common normal or average type. They may for

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also very irritating to the mucous membranes. Lancet

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of the auditory vesicle removes from the field of controversy the

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during respiratory movements and injurious effects of

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udder at this period it would appear to mean a temporary dim

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his introductory remarks. After calling attention to the

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in due time show these rings. Pregnancy etc. also are concerned

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colour but still of a dark orange hue pulse chest sounds as

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number of hemorrhages saline solution is sufficient to

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the surgeon but it should be remembered that stenoses

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sary incision can be made in the bladder removing any growth or stone

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gitis has been reduced to less than one third by the

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that a primary suture of the bladder was dangerous

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most authorities consider this a characteristic sign

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small cartilaginous prominence at upper part of lol gt e

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bladder above and below intimately adherent to the stone

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mediately useful l.usiness wise o the youn r physician.

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the coming child to continue nursing. It is next to impossible

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ination per rectum should never be omitted and the per

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lapse of the iris hypertrophy of the iris from exuda

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the same time there is a very marked lateral deviation.

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stant. In other cases of quite as marked pulmonary obstruction with but

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during their periods of exacerbation on the principles of more

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reactions. The ingestion of much raw or ill cooked beef gm. blood

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fact that some observers often regard a case as cirrhosis Avhich others

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biochemical abnormalities and in one case when rebiopsied for histologic

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