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of the labiatse. Li hot decoction it is used as a diaphoretic.

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convolutions were covered with a thin layer of blood.

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the delicacy of the organ in which the process com

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tion to make just what quantity is necessary to supply the demand


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solid but contained neither bone nor hair. The tissues were very much

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almost invariably answer. I cannot account for a man s

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occupied on the other a coincidence rendered more striking by

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After food has been taken the spleen commences to enlarge and

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does syphilis degenerate into cancer or malignancy If answered in

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a month s time in that institution without a single case of the

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pus at the lowest part of the sigmoid fossa. Pus in

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the sarcoma was small the patients are still alive.

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are beingemployed by physicians outside of the Homoeopathic lines

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During the past year this laboratory lias received a number of letters

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proportion to the body height. The difficulty in determining it

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be the same as in the younger years or even greater

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diameter of Vuo Whether this may be a special provision

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Secretary Mayo then read the report of the special committee on college

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at time of deposit an extension of time until September th

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tions of the medulla To get information that will be

most important thing for a general practitioner with limited

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chiefs sheets pillowslips and similar articles should always be disin

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volving a considerable part of its course. Examples

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way. Considerable oozing from the line of incision. Splint omitted

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most of the cases. There is also a histological study of

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pest bacillus of a slight modification of this method

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in Nos. and in the latter case the gall bladder was present and are divisions of Telecast Canada Inc.

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