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he was elected Lieutenant Governor and the legislature elected him

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is contractile after it has been cut off from the blood the

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approved by the majority of orthopedic surgeons. Those

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the bottom was speedily covered with a dark nlm of offensive matter

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visible and by hioking very obliquely behind the scar a

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stick bayonet or ramrod between the skin and the handkerchief and

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His results may be briefly summarized by the statement

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the particular kind of make up with which the individual is endowed

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calomel and blue pill than are usually given will produce

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credited with laziness or willful indifference. The patient may

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Adil Bey although the disease exists among buffaloes on the

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In ordinary cases there is no disturbance of nutrition and the

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dip. As we know them at present therefore arsenical dips must be

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the year. From a spirit of envy and jealousy towards the

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should administer mild laxatives for a while so that anj ooncrements

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Present Status A man fairly nourished of good color sad expres

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February. Dog did not appear to be suffering from opera

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stages is made worse by the application of water. If the eruption is

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replace the knife even in this locality. Treatment by all chemical

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any pigment. The deeper the original pigmentation of

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condition is directly dependent on a previous attack of enteric fever may

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use. It may be used for several weeks without symp

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which occurs before the ofl cial release of first year medical grades.

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the finger then detected an ulcerated patch near the

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regions well supplied with tliose glands they were deficient

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with an insufficient number of medical officers at the

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flockmaster. So Insidious is its attack bo rapid its course so destructive its

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work and have failed to receive it. We advise against


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