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ribs in the middle of the back between the two series of

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news for as very little attention has been paid to the

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the First Year Class in Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

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sunstroke rather than comatose fever. In order to estab

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pain weakness of the arm trophic disturbances or oblitera

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unadvisable. as under the surroundings it meant in the

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but also in other circumstances there are Cases in which a noteworthy

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against fatal doses of the virus. Netter and Levaditi Flexner and

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esting feature of this case was that no rupture of any

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rently cured. This case may perhaps be partly explained on


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In the traumatic cases ie secondary proved much more

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blanch the copper both within and witheut and that this white mixture

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living alumnus of the medical school. He resides at Park

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The dilatation of the heart is best treated with digitalis strophanthus and

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afterwards said it was inflammation of the bowels and I made

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The Saline or purgative treatment so strenuously advocated

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may mean acute disease such as typhoid fever pneumonia menin

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ordinariK prescribed and prepared must be regarded as

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connecting the auricles and the ventricles the so called bundle of His

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the phenomena exhibited by the difierent conditions in which

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method of Linderman and proved most satisfactory and

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creas lies in its normal position pressed upon by the neoplasm and

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nlarged prostate and some other surgical affections of the urinary organs.

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he was in excellent health and without any signs of recurrence. Histo

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ment at one time he practised active interference and

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while the epithelial coat exists in its perfection with

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tions such as lobar pneumonia where a diffuse liver involvement is

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prescribe warm hip haths directing them to be used as hot as the

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tlie necessity of Ijelonging to some recognized medical

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