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the force unbends the hook and releases the suture. At the

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dies mentions among the latter tin lead arsenic copper

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tubercle bacilli having failed to immunize animals Koch

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The diversity of these theories proves that the pathogenesis of ataxy

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let her alone for a time. After a little while by the aid

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and of from one tenth to one eighth of all blindness from

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several pounds. When the effusion is very large the pericardium is

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which the cause was evidently due to eating and drinking.

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by far the most striking example of the use of colchicum. By

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cases with no deaths among inoculated prisoners. At Uraer

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tions. There is a certain lack of proportion in the

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that resembling the lentil the reddish the blue eyed the leuco

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own in occidental lands that prevention is the great goal toward

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especially putrid flesh or blood should always be care

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in i ted with no cicatricial tissue contains no clot and has

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sione stvom vleshivaniya. Treatment of compression

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impulse descending from the chief center on finding its way along the

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mind that he should be tempted to conceal his infected cows through

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much disturbed by the constant entrance of pus into the

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The morphology and cultural characteristics of the bacillus isolated

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such a melancholy exhibition Really one half suspects

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perspiration. The only physiological sign of the excretion

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hemorrhagic cases yet show after the appearance of the exanthem and

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not thick or soft. The articulation of the stapes to the vesti

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gotten but remained in spite of the wound being care

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frequent symptom. Of the fifteen cases in which re

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intervals of relief after some grave surgical operation.

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to advocate the therapeutic use of the alkaloids and other active

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has been given. In the latter the oedema is a marked feature

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iu front behind expiration was blowing the voice resonant tlie

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