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ment was used. From three to twelve injections were
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Direct sunlight kills bacilli and spores in a comparatively short time
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peated immersions in the cold liatli life was protracted
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standing the great difficulty in gaining book learning in those
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and also by means of which the slight possibility of
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Merendino John Jerome University of Maryl and Maryland
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should be pushed in all cases of prolonged aortic diseases
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ments of the patient which without them were characterized by o rcat
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each cup powdered cloves tea spoonfuls allspice and cinnamon pow
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County of Broome a permanent member of the Medical Society of
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understanding any lesion in the axilla so severe as to
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of the branches of the circle of Willis. In the puerperal condition cerebral
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found to his surprise that his eructations took fire.
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Diseases of the kidneys are very rare in Costa Rica as well as
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a labourer at Anning and Cobb s Morgan Lane Tooley Street
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office of Dr. Caspar Wister of Philadelphia and he had graduated
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had had no success with transfusion in acute leucemias.
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