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emptied as much as possible. The incision is kept open by strips

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completely than sore feet. If they can be kept intact

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ings had previously shown only an adenomatous endome

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Dr. Adams imbued Avith the patriotic spirit of his father

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ning just below the gingivo labial fold near the frenum

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thickened but not calcified. The heart dulness extends cm. to

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in Virginia the thermometer ranging about zero being much

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not when fresh and vigorous but when weary and jaded login

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In proposing the toast of the evening the chairman spoke

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so it must be at the expense of their bodily health and probably

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Itin J. C. Therapeutic inoculations in staphylococcic

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which at the present time is a strict obligation at the

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posure to damp and cold and is a sequel of scarlatina. It issues

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attitude when sitting standing or walking and conse

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scribed peritonitis extensive inflammation of the general peritoneum is

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vcnicnoes dependent on it or of permanently maintaining the strength

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ogist the Presbyterian Hospital New York. Illustrated.

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which Dr. Thompson is the author as also of the second

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the case of a male infant two months old whose abdomen was

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he was fond of painting and sculpture and architecture without professing to

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arteries led the writer to believe that the same deter

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and the lower from fasting animals. The results show that the liver must

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Bishop with his chaplain Josiah Tucker held as they

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lar cutaneous eruption appeared which both in its gross

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other manifestations of local sepsis while there w ere

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obferve this principle of felf prefervation fo ftrongly as nature has deprived them

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heart and partly npon the total quantity of blood contained in

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with the diagnosis of Addison s disease and advised tablets of suprarenal land.

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when delivered at the creamery the final pasteuriza

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administered drugs to the cerebrospinal fluid was often

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