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swollen we must infer enough renal change to produce constitutional

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fered from neglect and plausible mediocrity has been

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method of diagnosis that observers be trained in the use of a ray

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the corpus callosum posterior and anterior communicating vertebral

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the bottom was speedily covered with a dark nlm of offensive matter

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ness may occur. Transient monoplegia or hemiplegia and aphasia occurred

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place from the omentum it was tied. The ligatures around the

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tion of his medical education he settled in Shrewsbury

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and studies had recently shown that in the cerebellum

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culiar expressions of disease. In early times its oconrrence

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simply favor this condition by placing the limb in that attitude

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cedema of the optic nerve itself. A somewhat widely accepted theory of

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Besides these centres related to well known functions another

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Syrup of Hypophosphites with meals. Massage the chest and

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original and one copy should be submitted. Receipt of manu

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as the Report of the Judicial Council says has been

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describe was now experienced in freeing the head for

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in the inoculated wound and delays it till the meafle fever has

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not be considered as a serious risk in cases of stomach


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