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bladder like expansion in front of the head which appears

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mortem examination. One was published in the Lancet about

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we have three new lecturers in the field. Dr. Douglas

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shape of the fuselage and arrangement of the seats in this aircraft necessitated

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Latin and Greek scholar. He devoted his attention to the

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spinal fluid is the only certain means we have of differentiating this form

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Sanderson mentions the division of the left half of the soft palate by

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particles of matter in the liquor sanguinis as it assumed a current

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in the line of the fibrous band before noted and the

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will in a large measure judge of the position and char

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secondary to emphysema or to some incurable primary

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enced by the snow and rain than by the direct effects of

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tenaciously focussed upon certain bodily organs. Their rapid heart

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amputated the arm twenty four hours after admission.

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mal and in practically all the cases the symptoms began

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the time which elapses between the appearance of the chancre and the

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National Board of Health and that the share in this work performed

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orrhagic nephritis and otitis media are occasional complications.

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aneurism when it is seated so as to receive an impulse from an

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iana etc. such unions are prohibited and considered incestuous inter

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pericarditis or as the result of degenerative processes.

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nerves and that the irritation thus originated was transmitted to the

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tubes care being taken not to let the broth run down the

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word with relation to our retiring President Dr. Car


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