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however surprised at the good showing these patients have made. Only
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Cases of internal myiasis require the most careful in
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These observations have led me to suspect that m Dysen
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Yet no attempt has been made to secure the needed legisla
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the stomach. Many of the cases terminate with cirrhosis of
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secondary period of syphilis completely disappeared under
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ming off all the cream from the quart bottle except
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were infected. The report for the next year showed counties in
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Dose to ounces eyeiy twenty or thirty minutes as an oxytocic.
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increase the proportion in extreme ages yet their num
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That author had drawn attention to this body which was situated near the
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Dr. Stritch said he had taken out his midwifery in Edinburgh
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Sherman and most nutritionalists feel that the average child
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distillation of vinous liquors is miscible with water
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the different places where they are placed and in order to see
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tionary power. The results following this eai eful atten
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the follicles and cords are known as the lymph sinuses and it is
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a vertical incision to expose and free the adhesions
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train and which we may designate as the predisposing causes of
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subject was one of the most important that would come
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description of the method employed in the biological diag
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the operation notwithstanding the fact that on the second day after
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and to open the abdomen quickly as for inguinal colotomy mid
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that probably all the shadows were phleboliths but that the top
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as theyour medical of an ordinary patient shows First
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aspects of medicine. The phenomena of living matter and its chief ingredients
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been called for which the author has carefully revised
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vagus was divided in the chest and there were abso
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veterinarians now engaged in teaching veterinary science in agri
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recall their experiences until several hours have elapsed
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to the use of stimulants a little brandy or other liquor may be
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commonly enlarged at the outset of the illness and that it becomes and are divisions of Telecast Canada Inc.

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