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as assistant chief of the Center for Physiologic Neuro

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The volumetric methods are more easily performed in this the

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late the uterine artery before securing it by ligature.

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made an address as Yice President on the Registration of Disease

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sent One fourth of the pyloric end of the stomach is

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and broken down by the contmctile tissues then it becomes heaped up in

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In the last five years the man had been pretty well.

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erning power. If he prove in any way disagreeable his

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classifications. Still for purposes of description it is convenient

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selves appreciable during life. Practically as cases come before us

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trace of albumen. This man had suffered from attacks of gout for

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menstrual periods. At the third catamenial epoch the flow

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point therefore is marked by a string placed squarely

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Two scholarships were established from a bequest to the School of Medicine

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color. Occasionally obstruction of the arteries as well as of the veins

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As the acute symptoms pass and the child begins again to take note

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