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alcohol is employed. A few drops of this solution are added to
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director then pushed down to the obstruction and the knife guided
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the great Scottish philosopher. Sir William Hamilton
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one of the Medic.U Officeis of the new Camberwell IVovident Dispensary.
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the back of the thumb and first metacarpal. Twelve weeks
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A. Hodgetts to the position of secretary for the Pro
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month ago. The patient now presents himself at the AUgemcines
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tubes but on a close examination of the right side of the
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also undergoes a peculiar form of degeneration which has been the subject
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trace of albumen. This man had suffered from attacks of gout for
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medical practice with a fair reputation and increasing
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fortunately was not expected and looked for enough by
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less opinions provided that his testimony assisted to direct
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fourths of an inch from the symphysis the rest of the cutting being
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and all such external measures have only a minor influence
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ally is greatest during the summer and fall and therefore that the
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institution. In resigning this office he was actuated as he
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either side abdomen full and large enough for five month s preg
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preyents putrefaction and Mr. Crookes has shown that a Hquid
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It must be added that when there is any very high degree of
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taken place in the management of our Journal in the hands of the
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not iliagnosticated because of a lack of knowledge. On the other hi
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As however he was proved to have had areeuic in his
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day subsequent to the operation she had not the least pain in
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favorable results have heretofore been reported. Po
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he asked the privilege of presenting it to the Climato
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sist of the injection of the salivary secretion laden
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had been given in fourteen injections there appeared at the anterior mar
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oesophagus being covered. Virchow alludes to one case lie has seen
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cles without symptoms indicating its presence. Another and are divisions of Telecast Canada Inc.

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