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of relieving the now increasing stupor and the evident cerebral

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complete the record and round out the etiology. The

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lished raises the dose to five or ten cgm. Applica

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will remain there two years. He will then return to his native

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as a disease in which the slightest touching of the vaginal

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and once discovered it is readily detected in succeed

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for him the divine healer the God physician of bodies

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than the latter. The pseudotubercle bacillus of sheep is not motile

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ess may under certain conditions be a factor in causing

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tent and fatality of them as bodily debility induced

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bell shape in close apposition with the nucleus of the erythrocyte.

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to prevent or to dissipate fluid accumulations in nephritis

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areas overlying visceral disease. The rigidity found is

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who are interested in the campaign of national pre

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once and at the same hours leaving no one to give another a

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air and steam. Then screw on the top so that it will not

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rases the disease frequently appears in early youth or child

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so lame in one limb that it refuses or is unable to bear

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during the first weeks of life while not fully understood is probably

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toms essentially identical with those seen in sheath tubercu

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When the nerve end organ is deetroyed the deafness becomes

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lower half of the body when injected into the vertebral column

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bowels were costive the appetite was large and he thought the

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Some years ago I collected from various sources cases of death

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eruption for the past month presented himself for treat

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school days are rarely satisfactory or agreeable a few scholars

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bladder like expansion in front of the head which appears

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that at least four fifths of it must circulate through the ramifi

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said his wife felt deeply grateful for the kindness shown

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