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word cure. As said already I am inclined to believe that scrive
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the pelvis arid another in the right lower abdomen
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parts apparently almost absent. The condition resembles lupus erythe
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insensibility and was covered by small pox. He never
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matous rash papillae somewhat enlarged but no desquamation.
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diminished it never fails to hasten the patient s death there
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coagulation of the blood particularly the researches
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indebtedness to the various publications and to thank the pub
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Many instances of septicaemia are combined infections thus in diphtheria
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scoop and the left forefinger. If possible no tube is used after the
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Junior and the Senior curriculum. The Junior curriculum
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tions it. Paget describes the disease as an inflam
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lower two thirds of the wound healing by first intention.
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in the majority of the cases was sufficient to enable one to
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revaccinated with normal vaccine and the inoculation is successful
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on uninfected meat the soon rid themselves of most of the lepra
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troduction of Lister s system. Professor v. Nussl aum
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recently been made to the Museum and other teaching
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way. He was unconscious then of what occurred ntil the morning but
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paroxysm as animals die who have been poisoned by sub
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quently be cleared up in this way. Pain in the bowel
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selves and looking for and hoping to receive the support and co
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account of their producing intestinal obstruction later.
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of Xurses serving under their supervision and forward
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ite subject with the senior classes. Mathematical geog
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the deceptive appearance of a beginning cancroid ulcer. Virchow
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when practicable and greatly expedites recovery. In recent
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studied with interest when a fatty metamorphosis of the liver
sufficient to be absorbed from the gum margin to originate a decided
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attempts at deep inspiration remained so narrow that there
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performed at all can only be performed witli the ex and are divisions of Telecast Canada Inc.

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