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much deformity. Pressure will probably be the only treatment required in

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exposure. We have seen convulsions appear in the fourth month in

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hemorrhages. The gangrenous process tends to spread peripherally. In the

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drug should be stopped. Arsenical poisoning seldom occurs but in very

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weaker followed in to days by an injection of the stronger

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proper hands such experiments should never be done without a serious pur

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rence of what may be called terminal pneumonia. During the winter months

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Hospital. In eight of these cases the joints were examined in some

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nelius Agnew once said that all would be better for an

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We must see that the invalid gets out of his business smTOundings

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supported by all of the progressive countries of Continental

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tion must be ascribed rather to the prostate than to the

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with an epidemic violence as widely spreading as severe and often of

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no other surgical procedure has ever enjoyed the conu


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freely it is usually because the passage is narrowed

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shall distinguish himself the most in Surgery shall receive

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causes an immediate fall in blood pressure accompanied by an increase

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tapid wasting and paralysis the reaction of degeneration may be obtained.


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